“What Hacker News Says” Extension

Hacker News has been one of the places with high signal-to-noise ratio for discussions, for me. The majority of its contents is tech-related, although different topics do show up from time to time.

The “What Hacker News Says” browser extension (available for Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers) is a pretty cool thing that helps with a particular use case: has there been any discussion in Hacker News about this particular webpage I’m currently opening?

Pretty cool! And, yes, I found the news about it from Hacker News.

Link Programming

Link: Adding Click Listener to RecyclerView using Kotlin

Recently I needed to figure out how to add click listeners to RecyclerView, in my app that’s using Kotlin as language. Kotlin supports higher-order functions, so the click listener solution can look more concise and elegant, avoiding the need to add interfaces like in Java. Andreas Jakl wrote a detailed tutorial about it here.