Resources for Learning about Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is Google’s latest toolkit for building UI, at the moment generally aimed for Android development. Below is a list of what I think is a good, comprehensive approach on how to learn about it. At the moment, Jetpack Compose is under active development and currently released in Alpha version, so this list will continuously evolve with it as well.

Understanding Jetpack Compose — Part 1 of 2 by Leland Richardson, one of Google’s engineers developing Jetpack Compose. The post helps explain the “why” of Jetpack Compose. What challenges is it trying to address, and how.

Thinking in Compose. Also helps explain why the declarative UI model as used by Jetpack Compose is beneficial.

Official documentation

  • Layouts in Compose. Explains how layouts can be created using Jetpack Compose and shows the built-in components that come with it.
  • Theming in Compose. Explains how to modify the look-and-feel of an app made with Jetpack Compose.
  • Testing in Compose. How to test UI made with Jetpack Compose.
  • Interoperability. Explains how to add, use, and combine Jetpack Compose with existing apps that already use the view-based UI model.

Sample apps

  • . Official samples from the Android repository. Has multiple different sample apps in it, with the Readme file helpfully explaining what concepts are being explored and used in each app.

Also, Elsewhere

  • React. A declarative UI library written in JavaScript, mostly used on web development.
  • SwiftUI. A declarative UI library for development within the Apple platform.